swap forex Strategie

commonly interpret payment for retaining an open position overnight (aka Swap) as an additional fee, which they must pay to their broker, since Swap is negative for most of currency pairs. The next available price will.9700. In case of adverse price movement the financial result of the transaction will obviously be negative. Hereby, banks and forex Algorithmus Indikator other liquidity providers carry out daily settlement procedure. At the same time, in case of low liquidity in the market and low Margin level (when the volume of opened order was too large trader might make not a profit, but loss, and lose a significant part or all of the deposit.

Example #1: A trader opened the order Buy audusd with volume.10 Lots at 23:59 server time. However, if the client has a low Margin Level, it is possible, that orders will be automatically closed according to Stop Out procedure. . Hereby, due to considerable difference between prices, there will be a spike on the chart. On ECN BID and ASK prices are formed wechselkurse Südafrika by the so-called Depth of Market also known as Level. Example #2: A trader opened order Buy with the volume.40 Lots, the balance of his account was 5026 USD, Used Margin was 4951 USD. If price Gap occurs, all the orders will be closed at the next available price after Gap. Applying Carry Trade, as well as any other strategy on Forex market, involves various risks, therefore, its use must be based on thorough market analysis. It can be done either by matching against a Market order (Market Order Sell) placed by other brokers clients, or by matching with Pending orders (Buy limit) placed by Liquidity Providers and clients.